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engineering and manufacturing

Photovoltaic Solar Technology 


High Quality, High-efficiency and Reliable
Excellent Light Spectral Response
Reduced and optimized sizes
Customised solutions for specialized applications

Reliable energy
Very high efficiency solar module design
Optimized Form Factor - Reduced Size 
20+ years of experience

Excellent Light Spectral Response
More real average and total power
All weather conditions design

Long Service Life Design
Robust and Light, designed for extreme environments
High quality materials. UV-resistant and IPX7 tested
waterproof and dustproof

Pure SineWave

engineering and manufacturing

efficient solar power electronics
DCDC, DCAC and ACDC Power Converters


Reliable stand-alone power supply
Inverters. Battery Chargers
Power Supply Systems
Customised solutions for specialized applications

Solar Battery Chargers
  • Digital Solar Charge and Discharge Controllers

  • Efficient and Safe Battery Charging Algorithms

  • Maximum durability and reliability

  • Get the most out of the sun and your solar batteries

  • Maximum Power Point Design - MPPT

  • Safe and robust design with full protections

DCAC Power Inverters
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters

  • Safely powering your most critical equipment

  • High Efficiency and Performance

  • Get the most out of your batteries and protect them

  • Safe and robust design with full protections

DCDC Converters
  • Regulated modules in open-frame and encapsulated designs

  • Wide DC input range and regulated output voltages

  • Specially designed for photovoltaic solar systems, Off-grid, Offshore and mobile devices, Industrial and loT/lloT

  • Safe and robust design with full protections

ACDC Battery Chargers
  • Advanced and Universal Digital Battery Chargers

  • Designed for backup/UPS, Off-Grid, Off-Shore, Mobile and Industry

  • Universal Battery Type

  • Safe and robust design with full protections


design, engineering
and manufacturing

Batteries for renewable energies and backup power Optimized design for solar and back-up applications Proprietary formulation and manufacturing process for solar applications Proven design. More than 20 years of successful experience in the field

SOLARX™ Series

Solar and Industrial Batteries
Lithium, Lead-acid and NiMH
Reliable energy storage
Long Service Life Design
Customised solutions for specialized applications


Lithium, Lead-acid, Nickel and Supercapacitors Technologies
State of the art solar and industrial batteries
Maintenance-free. Long Service Life Design Highest Safety and Cost-effective
The best choice for renewable energy storage, Industrial and Comercial, Backup, loT, Telecom, Utilities, Security and Defense
100% Maintenance Free.
Sealed Totally Safe

Designed for constant charge and discharge cycles and resistant to deep discharge.

Multi-position installation.

[BMS] Battery 
Management System
High Reliability, Safety
and Efficiency

Long Battery Calendar Life and High Cycle Performance
High charge and discharge performance

Markets and Applications

Renewable energy storage, Industrial and Commercial, loT/loT, IP infrastructures, IT, Wi-Fi, Access Point and Routers, Narrowband-loT, LoRa, Cellular networks, Automation and Motors, Telecom, Utilities, Agriculture, Tracking, Monitoring and Sensing, Telemetry, Security, Access Control and Mobile.