iSCC-L™ Series

Solar Charge and Discharge Controller 12/24V

iSCC-L05 XUNZEL 12/24V - 5A – 60W @ 12V / 120W @ 24V

iSCC-L15 XUNZEL 12/24V - 15A – 180W @ 12V / 360W @ 24V

iSCC-L20 XUNZEL 12/24V - 20A – 240W @ 12V / 480W @ 24V

  • Remote Digital Display iSCC-DL™ of XUNZEL (OPTIONAL)
  • DIN Rail Adapter iSCC-DIN™ of XUNZEL (OPTIONAL)

Control and Protect your battery.

Avoid overcharges and deep-discharges



  • Protects the battery from overcharges (caused by PV solar panels) and from overdischarges (caused by DC loads)
  • Ideal for small Off-Grid and Off-Shore applications, UPS and Back-up, telecom and CATV, traffic, agricultural, marine and caravan, cathodic protection, professional installations…
  • Configurable Battery Type: sealed (AGM and GEL) or vented (FLOODED) lead-acid batteries 12V / 24V automatic detection
  • Four-stage PWM charging method (Bulk – Absorption – Float – Equalization)
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Intuitive 5 LED display: 1 for Charging state, 1 for Load state and 3 for Battery SOC
  • Acoustic alarm to warn about an impending low-voltage disconnection
  • Configurable low-voltage disconnection: SOC or voltage-controlled
  • Positive grounding
  • Fully electronic safety functions
  • High performance microcontroller
  • Large terminals: up to 16mm2
  • DC Load output: no need of any inverter to power DC loads (e.g. the ultra-efficient low-voltage, 12VDC or 24VDC, LED NATURE™ Series lamps of XUNZEL), increases savings and efficiency of the solar system considerably
  • Remote Digital Display iSCC-DL™ of XUNZEL (optional)
  • Din Rail Adapter iCC-DIN™ of XUNZEL (optional)

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