Maximum  Efficiency


25+ years of experience

25+ years of experience - thousands of units functioning in the most extreme environments and mission-critical applications worldwide.


High-Quality and Reliable Solar Battery Charge and Discharge Controllers

Innovative electronics and features.

Get the maximum from
the sun and your battery 

Maximum Tracking Efficiency -MPPT and proprietary control charging and discharging algorithms.


High efficiency

DCAC Power Inverters
Advanced True Pure Sine Wave Inverters with extraordinary functions


Designed for stationary, mobile and industry.

Get the most out of your batteries and protect them.

From 100W up to 21kW

Premium performance, high-frequency and high wattage output true sinewave DC-AC power inverter [models with transfer switch]. Compatible with Gel, Flooded, AGM, and Lithium batteries and additional smart functions.
High start-up surge capability rated at twice the continuous power rating. International variants are also available.

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Robust line of smart battery chargers

The best in charger technology for today's numerous battery types and chemistries.


Designed for stationary, mobile and industrial applications.

These chargers provide optimal multi-stage charging and maintenance for auxiliary batteries.

Advanced Universal Digital Battery Chargers. From 5W up to 5kW. all battery technologies: Lithium, Nickel, Pb-Lead-AGM, GEL, Calcium, open and User Programmable with < Power Supply Mode> function.


Fully automatic, multi-stage charging capability, plus the ability to charge separate battery banks.

Set-and-forget chargers that incorporate special charging algorithms designed to quickly and accurately recharge and maximize the life of batteries.

Models for multiple battery chemistries charge simultaneously.