What We Do


Applications and Markets

Xunzel Energy is a pioneering company and industry leader in the design, development, and production of unique and turnkey solar photovoltaic systems and solutions that provide electrical power to off-grid systems.

Design, Engineering and Manufacturing

Photovoltaics is a key technology.
Xunzel Energy specializes in four business areas:

  • Silicon, thin-film, emerging photovoltaic technologies and photovoltaic modules

  • Energy storage technologies

  • High efficiency Power converters

  • Complete Solar systems

Automation and Quality

Photovoltaic subassemblies feature the latest technologies in welding and soldering with robotic automation, connecting solar cells into circuits.

From cells cutting, interconnection, encapsulation to the final module assembly, the result is photovoltaic solar panel with superior efficiency and performance, with long service life design, robust and light, designed for extreme environments.

High quality materials. UV-resistant and IPX7 tested waterproof and dustproof.