Who We Are

Research and Development Headquarters and Solar Systems facility. Solar Park.
Mendaro, Basque Country, Spain [EU]


Industry Leader

Xunzel Energy is leading industry with design, development and production of unique and turnkey photovoltaic solar systems and solutions providing electrical power for off-grid and backup systems


Unique and turnkey
solar photovoltaic systems

XUNZEL ENERGY has a long-standing reputation as a European manufacturer of high-quality products for off-grid and backup power systems.


technology company

Xunzel Energy is an independent technology company that has focused its business in four main sectors and technologies, each of which comprises a business area:

Solar Photovoltaics Technology  
[ Solar Generators ]

Solar Energy Storage
[Solar Batteries]

Solar Electronics
[Solar Power Converters]

Solar Systems



We are committed to promoting state of the art, sustainable, economic and secure energy supply systems based on renewable energy sources.